The three different types of dance activities at Chung Wah Cultural Centre Balcatta are fun and a great way to meet and make new friends. A fee is charged to participate in these dances. The dances are below and please check with the respective activity coordinator if you would like to participate:

1. Line Dancing is one of the most popular and fun dances because you can do it anywhere. You do not need a partner as dancers line up in a row.
Line dances are very easy to learn and the steps are straightforward. They also involve repeating a series of steps, so if you get lost, can easily catch up with the rest of the class.

2. The New Vogue dance style is an Australian form of sequence dancing that originated in the 1930s. The main features of Sequence Dancing is that it is based on a preset pattern of steps called scripts, and predetermined music. All couples on the dance floor use the same patterned script for each dance and normally dance in a circle or in the same direction.

3. Social Dance is generally intended for participation rather than performance and can be led and followed with relative ease. Many people enjoy such dancing, and it is also to socialise and make friends. These social dances are of European origin and often involve ballroom and other partner dances, such as the waltz, swing, tango and salsa. The dancers can move wherever they like on the dance floor, unlike Line Dance and New Vogue.