Executive Committee

Senior Vice President: Ting CHEN
Vice President: Yudy KODRATJAYA
Honourary Secretary: Sheila REJEK
Assistant Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Jen Nie CHONG
Assistant Treasurer: Kemei SHAO
Committee Members: Andy YUAN, John HONG, Ben LIM, Mark SUN, Jiping ZOU.
Honourary Administrator: Doreen CHIN

Council of Elders

Chairperson: Dr Bob TAN
Secretary: Esther CHANG
Trustees: James CHONG, Trinh QUACH
Members: Grace CHOW, Leonard KHO, Han Ping KIEW, Bill TEH, Dr Yit Seng Yow, Zhi CHEN

General Administration

Administration Officer: Abbie CHEN

Project Co-ordinator: Lesley WONG

Community and Aged Care
Independent Board of Management

Chairperson: Esther CHANG
Members: Thomas GOH, Beth THOMPSON
Jeff HUGHES, Shaoping DING

Chinese School

Leeming, Morley and Rossmoyne Campuses

Chair, Chung Wah Chinese School Council: Sheila REJEK

Leeming Campus

Chair, School Management Committee: Suardi SUMIATI
Principal: Dr LI Hua

Morley campus

Chair, School Management Committee: Patrick TAN
Principal: Emily TAN

Rossmoyne Campus

Chair, School Management Committee: Sheila REJEK (Acting)
Principal: Dr MA Xuanli

Community and Aged Care

Chief Executive Officer: Theresa KWOK JP
Manager: Sue WHITE

Cultural and Interest Groups

Chung Wah Dance: Jen Nie CHONG
Chung Wah Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe: Stephen Kum
Chung Wah Chinese Orchestra: CHEN Zhi


Chung Wah Magazine and Chung Wah Radio: Jillian PAN