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Intertwine – Dance Theatre directed by Min Zhu 

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Intertwine – Dance Theatre directed by Min Zhu 

February 6 @ 6:30 pm - February 10 @ 5:30 pm

MEDIA RELEASE – 26 October 2023

Intertwine – Dance Theatre directed by Min Zhu 

  • An authentic dance theatre piece based on the stories of the local Chinese dance community
  • Exploring and expressing the cultural nuances of their Chinese heritage through movement
  • A platform that looks at cultural integration of one of the largest communities in modern Australia

Intertwine explores what it means to be Chinese and in Australia. Expressed through a variety dance forms and theatre acting, the performers share their stories to confront all the challenges and charms of being Chinese in today’s globalised world. Intertwine is part of Summer Nights at the Blue Room Theatre and runs during the Lunar New Year from Tuesday 6 February to Saturday 10 February.

The performers who live in Perth come from the Reunion Island, Mauritius, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Africa. Using many forms of artistic expression including drama, narrative, and visual art this show ebbs and flows to tell these unique, intimate and provoking stories. By peeling away the layers on the Blue Room stage, this community would like to share their ups and downs of being Chinese.

Choreographed by Min Zhu, who moved to Australia in 2013, Intertwine is a full-length production she especially creates for the dancers from the Chung Wah Dance Group. Zhu received more than ten years of Chinese traditional dance training and has a doctorate from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). Her works specially explore the contemporary application, interpretation, and transformation of traditional culture, and the fusion of different cultural and artistic elements.

“Moving to Perth, Australia, I met Chinese people who came from all over the world,” said Zhu. “Their stories on growing up or moving to Australia and how they maintained their connections to Chinese culture piqued my interest and is the motivation for Intertwine.”

This dance theatre production will be performed by non-professional dancers from the Chung Wah Dance group. The Chung Wah Association, founded in 1909 is Perth’s first ethnic community organisation. The Chung Wah Dance group was formed in 1980. The group regularly perform classical and contemporary Chinese dance at a wide range of community events and celebrations.

Intertwine will be showing at the Blue Room Theatre, Northbridge from 6 – 10 February 2024. Tickets go on sale at

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《交织》- 朱敏导演舞蹈剧场

  • 一部根据在地华人舞蹈界的故事改编的原创舞蹈剧

  • 通过肢体动作来探索和表达华人传统文化的细微差别

  • 一个着眼于现代澳大利亚最大社区之一的文化融合的平台

《Intertwine 交织》探讨了身为华人和在澳大利亚意味着什么。表演者通过多样的舞蹈形式和戏剧表演娓娓道来他们的故事,以面对当今全球化世界中作为华人的所有挑战和所被赋予魅力。《Intertwine 交织》是Blue Room Theatre夏日之夜的一部分,将于农历新年期间(2月6日星期二至2月10日星期六)上演。

这群居住在珀斯的表演者来自法属留尼旺、毛里求斯、马来西亚、香港和南非。该节目使用戏剧、叙事和视觉艺术等多种艺术表现形式,来讲述这些独特、亲密和发人深省的故事。舞蹈剧场的故事通过在Blue Room Theatre,在舞台上层层揭开,希望让这个社区的观众们分享他们作为华人的酸甜苦辣。


“搬到澳大利亚珀斯,我遇到了来自世界各地的华人,”朱敏说。“他们的成长或移居澳大利亚的故事,以及他们如何保持与中国文化的联系,引起了我的兴趣,也是《Intertwine 交织》的动力。”


《Intertwine交织》将于2024年2月6日至10日在北桥Blue Room Theatre

For more information or additional details about this production, please contact:

Jen Nie Chong 张娟妮
Honorary Secretary – Chung Wah Association 中华会馆荣誉秘书长
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February 6 @ 6:30 pm
February 10 @ 5:30 pm
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