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The Chung Wah Magazine is a quarterly Chinese-English bilingual publication circulated to members of the association and members of the Chinese community in Perth. Below is the latest issue 57 of the Chung Wah Magazine for your reading pleasure.

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A New Life Journey

Living in a new country is a phenomenal experience, but along with adjusting to new cultures, comes a feeling of being out of place and loneliness. Don’t worry, we are here to help new migrants expand their social circle, learn new knowledge and build capacity.

These 6 episodes of reality show would inspire migrants like you and me, showing us that living in Western Australia presents many opportunities for personal growth and expanding our social circle, cultural knowledge, and spirituality. You feel free and open, and inspired, and it is like every seemingly insurmountable problem in your way, can be conquered if you just push a little bit harder.

Episode 6“I want to enjoy life”

Episode 5“Rediscover self confidence”

Episode 4“Adjusting to the aquatic lifestyle in Perth”

Episode 3“Going about in Perth “

Episode 2“The choice in life”

Episode 1“For the benefits of next-generation, we’ve chosen Perth”

Chung Wah Focus

A series of a short documentary that focuses on current affairs and issue that touches our heart, and to the interest of our community. First episode was premier at 7pm, 3 November 2020 via our official YouTube Channel.

Episode 10“The Impact of Covid-19 to Chinese businesses in WA” 

Episode 9“Exploring the History and Culture of Aboriginals in WA” 

Episode 8“Chinese in WA, past and present” (Part 2)

Episode 7“Chinese in WA, past and present” (Part 1)

Episode 6“Multicultural Ageing Population in WA” (Part 2)

Episode 5“Multicultural Ageing Population in WA” (Part 1)

Episode 4“Our care to homelessness”

Episode 3“How three tiers of Government support services for our growing migrant communities?” (Part 2)

Episode 2“How three tiers of Government support services for our growing migrant communities?” (Part 1)

Episode 1“What’s the outlook for overseas students and the education sector in WA during Covid”

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