Chung Wah Cultural Centre                                            Commemorating 20th Anniversary 1998 – 2018

Chung Wah will be celebrating its cultural centre’s 20th anniversary on Saturday, 18 August 2018.

The Chung Wah Cultural Centre in Balcatta was built 20 years ago by Chung Wah Association with the help of generous donors, members and volunteers.

This effort provided by Chung Wah supporters two decades ago has resulted in a physical and tangible impact that has allowed the cultural centre to be available for the use of communities and services.

The cultural hall which has a stage and theatre drapes complete with a commercial kitchen is a large, open spaced building that is used for social functions, dinners, dances, annual general meetings, conferences, exhibitions, Chinese school events and cultural festivities.

Chung Wah also operates its Community and Aged Care services at the cultural centre. It provides catering and support for the senior citizens of Perth on weekdays.

The hall is currently in need of refurbishment including repairs to the roof and ceiling due to a major water leak. All proceeds from this celebration will be channelled towards the refurbishment project that will be undertaken at Chung Wah Cultural Centre.