Chung Wah Community and Aged Care (CAC) is a group under the umbrella of the Chung Wah Association and is dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals from diverse backgrounds, especially non-English speaking background, in Western Australia. We have been delivering community care programs for seniors, their family members and ethnic communities since 1909, and we currently provide about 800 clients with support and services delivered by professional bilingual staff, support workers and volunteers, to help them overcome frailty or disability.

Chung Wah CAC has helped thousands of people and their families over the course of the past century, and we intend to continue improving the community and living standard for all, through our person-centred approach, our dedication to people and our ongoing pursuit of our vision and our values.


CAC is funded by:

  • Home Care Package (HCP)
  • Commonwealth Home Support Program(CHSP)
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Community and Aged Care quarterly Newsletter

“Living Stronger” is the quarterly newsletter produced by CAC – because of the varied backgrounds of our readers, the newsletter is translated into three languages: English, Chinese and Vietnamese. Each newsletter covers important CAC events, community and aged care news and information and upcoming events.

For activity enquiries, please contact:
9328 3988 OR OR