The Chung Wah Chinese school is one of our most popular flagship programs and has enrolled many thousands of students since its commencement. Mandarin Chinese classes are held on Saturdays from 9.00am to 11.30am at our five campuses located in Leeming, Morley, Rossmoyne, Perth and Atwell.

Choices of extra-curriculum activities are available for interested people and our Chinese Language learners. The activities such Arts and Crafts, Calligraphy, Cartoon Drawing, Chinese Dance, Chinese Drawing and Painting, Sketching, Rhymes Singing, Table Tennis, Martial Arts and Chinese Musical instruments Guzheng and Lion dance. You may wish to check the availability of extra-curriculum activities with your selected campus. All four campuses offer these activities between 11.30am and 12.30pm immediately after the Chinese Language lesson.

Enrol in Chung Wah Chinese School and enjoy these benefits:

  • Learn with experienced and passionate native Chinese teachers (learn from the experts!).
  • A not-for-profit with some subsidy school fees from the local Government.
  • All year levels from as young as the Playgroup, Kindergarten to Year 12, including Adult classes.
  • All four campuses cater for students of any ethnicity, with and without language background.
  • Engaging in cultural extra-curricular activities such as traditional dance, martial arts, chess, diabolo, etc., from $200 per year (develop holistically and in a fun way).
  • Exciting, educational, cultural events (many activities to suit everyone).
  • Free parking and easy access.

For enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact the individual campuses listed below.

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2024 Chung Wah Chinese School Terms Schedule

Term 1 03/02/2024 – 23/03/2024 Week 01 to Week 08
Term 2 20/04/2024 – 22/06/2024 Week 09 to Week 18
Term 3 20/07/2024 – 14/09/2024 Week 19 to Week 27
Term 4 12/10/2024 – 12/12/2024 Week 28 to Week 36


History of Chung Wah Chinese School

Imagine coming to a foreign land alone and not knowing the language; how desirable it is to know someone speaking the same language.

The idea of Chinese language teaching was nurtured in 1923 at the Wesley Church, where senior members talked informally to Sunday school children.

But it was only in 1974 that the Executive Committee of the Association, with Mr Ken Sue as President, started a Chinese school to allow the members’ children to learn Mandarin at the Association Hall, with twelve students attending the first class.

In 1980, the school was relocated to West Leederville Primary School. It was the year Chung Wah Chinese school received Commonwealth funding under the Ethnic School Grant Program. In 1984, Mrs Anita Chong OAM was made Principal with the assistance of her then-deputy, Mrs Trinh Quach. The school, by then, had fifty students and three teachers. This first Chung Wah Chinese school was relocated to Morley Senior High in 1993 till today.

In the third term of 1985, the West Lynwood branch of Chung Wah Chinese school was started in response to requests from parents living south of the river. This branch relocated to Rossmoyne High School in 2011. The newest campus of the Chung Wah Chinese school, the Leeming Chinese school, started in 1991.

Today, the Chung Wah Association runs five Chinese schools with an enrolment date of over 1,500 students. The schools provide the facilities and opportunities for students to learn, listen, speak, read and write Chinese (Mandarin) and to gain a greater appreciation of Chinese culture and tradition.

Atwell Campus

Contact Details
 201 Brenchley Dr, Atwell WA 6164

Principal’s Phone: Dr LI Hua – 0401 686 306

Leeming Campus

Contact Details
Address: Leeming Senior High School, Aulberry Parade, Leeming WA 6149
Website: Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming
Facebook: Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming
Google Plus: Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming

Principal: Ms Luisa CHOU – 0401 738 778
Deputy Principal: Dr LI Hua – 0401 686 306

Morley Campus

Contact Details
Address: Morley Senior High School, Bramwell Road, Noranda WA 6062
Facebook: Chung Wah Chinese School Morley

Principal: Ms Emily Tan – 0406 249 463
Deputy Principal: Ms Regina Lam – 0406 492 944


Perth Campus

Contact Details
Address: Perth Modern School, 90 Roberts Road, Subiaco WA 6008
Principal: Dr LI Hua – 0401 686 306

Rossmoyne Campus

Contact Details
Address: Rossmoyne Senior High School, 1 Keith Road, Rossmoyne WA 6148

Principal: Dr MA Xuanli – 0403 003 898

Mid West Campus

Contact Details
Address: Geraldton Grammer School, 134 George Road, Beresford WA 6530