The Chung Wah Youth Subcommittee (Youth Subcommittee) officially resumed its activities in October 2020, with a mission to recruit and engage with younger members in our community.

The Youth Subcommittee currently has five members who are all young professionals in different industries. Together in the past year we delivered several once-off events and at the same time initiated a number of new programs, these events and programs are:

  • Youth Group Launching, October 2020
  • Movie Night “Will You Love Tomorrow”, November 2020
  • Visiting WA Boola Bardip Museum, December 2020
  • Social BBQ, January 2021
  • Visiting WA Police Academy, April 2021
  • 1st Collaboration with the WA Chinese Chamber of Commerce (WACCC), June 2021
  • Chung Wah x City of Canning Social Badminton Program, June 2021 and ongoing

One of the most important jobs we did in the past year was initiating the Weekly Social Badminton Program with the help of the City of Canning. Our vision for the program is to establish a platform for young and active community members to meet and socialise through playing sports. We picked badminton because it is relatively simple to play, not too physically demanding, and is popular in many parts of the world. This program is on every Saturday afternoon, anyone is welcome to join us!

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