Mid-West Campus

Welcome to the Newest Chung Wah Chinese School

The Chung Wah Chinese School Mid-West is situated in the vibrant City of Greater Geraldton, in the Mid-West region of Western Australia. Our Chinese Mandarin language classes are held every Wednesday from 4 – 6pm at Geraldton Grammar School providing Mandarin Chinese learning, cultural activities, and various extra-curricular options for children from 6 to 18 years old, such as Chinese traditional dancing, singing, poetry reading, and learning to play the Chinese Ocarina. Our mission extends beyond language education, as we aim to share Chinese culture and knowledge with the broader community in the Mid-West region.

Contact Details
Address: Geraldton Grammer School, 134 George Road, Beresford WA 6530
Email: principal.midwest@chungwah.org.au