Leeming Campus

Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming was setup in 1991 and has over 400+ children and adult Chinese language students. In addition to teaching Chinese, we offer a wide range of engaging extra-curricular activities and an ever-growing library with over 2,000+ Chinese books, comics, and videos, including tons of new material. Visit enrolments to find out more or please contact us to try out a class for free!

Contact Details
Address: Leeming Senior High School, Aulberry Parade, Leeming WA 6149
Website: Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming
Email: chineseschool.leeming@gmail.com
Facebook: Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming

Principal: Dr Luisa CHOW – 0401 738 778
Deputy Principal: Dr LI Hua – 0401 686 306
Email: principal.leeming@chungwah.org.au